Ceremony / Commune :

Musical interludes during the religious ceremony, the benediction or the registry office.

Example : String Quartet "Diamond String Quartet"  and Soprano singer with a traditional wedding program or a (light) classical, religious, gospel, film music and pop repertoire.

Reception :

Musical animation : classical, jazz, New Orleans, gypsy, pop, rock,...

Example : Marching Jazz Band with a swing, jazz and New Orleans repertoire.

Dinner :

Musical animation : classical, jazz, New Orleans, gypsy, pop,...

Example : String Quartet "Diamond String Quartet" with a (light) classical, tango, Celtic, musicals, film music and pop (Beatles, Abba, Queen,...) repertoire.

Dance party :

Musical animation of your dance party : Cover band, Concert with artists, bands, Proms, DJ Installation.

Example : Pop Cover band  "Dance Cover Band"

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